We are here!

Welcome to our site! We are the Gilets Jaunes Internationale, a group that aims to support the Yellow Vests movement in Europe and around the world.

We are all human beings and we all have similar needs. We are in the same boat.

Change!! Current from 27.07.2023!!!
Dear People, Gilets Jaunes, Yellow Vests, We have a big request to each and every one of you. Since YouTube has probably deleted our main channel for good, we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to subscribe to our second channel. For all of you it is only a subscription, but for us it is the new creation of a channel. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to continuing to provide you with the latest videos. Your Gj-international.org Team

NEW YOUTUBE channel link: https://youtube.com/@sgw-diegewerkschaftdergelb3745

Our Gilets Jaunes Talkshow current:

It needs the yellow to make the blue planet green again

Next Wednesday (02.08.2023 at 20:30) we will stream our talk show live on Youtube, on the topic: climate change / pollution / greenwashing and green capitalism.

02.08.2023 // 20h30

-> The link will follow here shortly!!! The talk show will be held in German!!

Contact : revolution@gj-international.org